September 23, 2008

Why Men Like Women


Show me a curve, a round area, a soft spot, a leg, the nape of the neck, hair, some cleavage (any amount is fine), an up skirt angle, high heels, make-up, a panty line, the lack of a panty line, an empire waist, a tight waist, a loose flowing look, no waist line, a smiling female face, a pouty female face, okay, any female face, and I'll show you a place my eyes will focus, no matter what "I" do to avoid it.

It cannot be avoided.  Men like the way women look.


Do we like women for their brains?  You must be kidding.  Of course we do.  (Didn't expect that, did you!)  But it's not a woman's brains that attracts our wandering eyes.  No, lawdy, it's our brains (not that other part) that "see" a woman and cause us to react to what we see, automatically, instanteously, without hesitation or excuse.  Bingo.  Later we will apologize for the wandering "I" and like Jimmie Carter, may even admit to some lusty stuff there in our heart, but in the short run it's all about our mind's eye.  And if we happen to be blind, we can smell a woman.  Hooah.

Why do I report this?  I have daughters, you might say, and incredibly, when I see my daughters, it is pride I feel not that other stuff, yet I report on this anyway.  Why?  O, why, take up your time with these trivial observations?  Because, in my humble opinion, it goes to the heart of how human life works, and needs to be truly accounted for, along with that predator/dove stuff.  Stop kidding yourselves, it's pretty primal out there, and maybe getting primalier - urr . . . more primal.  As rw says, in a world of hawks, doves are not going to survive.  Or are they?

Since I'm not a woman, only a woman can say why women like men.

What say ye, women?  Speak up.  Are ye all just pretty doves?


1 comment:

  1. First time viewer. Strange blog. Hawks, doves, poker. Did you see this article in LA Times - Love and infidelity: How our brains keep us from straying in Health Section Sept 15 '08 at,0,5766094.story?

    I'm not sure women work the same way, but good luck with the blog.


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