September 2, 2008

Historic Truth, Political Blunders?

It may be an historic truth that the democrats just lost the opportunity to elect the first woman as vice president.  That is, if we can sort out our value responses to Palin’s seventeen year old daughter being pregnant.  On the other hand, why did the republicans pick a woman governor with such admittedly limited experience to be a heartbeat away?  What’s actually going on in Washington?

At least we don’t have to worry about the economy, Gustav, terrorism, the Iraq War, illegal immigration, global warming, healthcare or lack thereof, a runaway legal system, collapsing infrastructure, highest bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures in history, free trade, loss of American manufacturing, decline in American standard of living or world hunger.  We can all spend a welcome and restful few days looking into other people's family values.

As is life's want (to borrow a phrase from a friend), one of Claude Monet’s women with parasol paintings randomly popped up on my monet google gadget, inspiring me to write the above piece.  The one looking left, oddly enough.  But that was before I learned Palin had a daughter.  I have since had to modify the intended short piece by adding the second sentence and the whole second paragraph.  Cheez, what breaking news does to a fellow.  What say ye?  Do you think Monet’s model was pregnant?  Take a look.

And don’t take any meaning from the fact that the model is facing left.  Monet also painted the model (apparently his stepdaughter) facing right.  Of course that’s from Monet’s perspective.  The left facing model is facing right, from her perspective, and vice versa. 


Essai de figure en plein air (vers la gauche)     Essai de figure en plein air (vers la droite)
Figure in open air (to the left)                                    Figure in open air (to the right)
Claude Monet (1886)                                                           Claude Monet (1886)
Musée d'Orsay, Paris                                                          Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Or have I not asked the right questions here? 
I mean, there is no shadow cast by the figure facing right. 
What is that about?  I wonder if Sarah Palin has been to Paris.

Your turn.

 * * *

Credits -
       the Democratic Party, currently led by Barack Obama & Joe Biden
       the Republican Party, currently led by John McCain & Sarah Palin
       the American Public
       Paintings: by Claude Monet (1886), at the Musée d'Orsay, Paris
                         please click rite chere to see the museum's home page
       Phrase borrowed and adapted:  'life, as is its want,'
                         from Lemonade Out of Curveballs,
                         RandomWalk, July 11, 2008

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