September 27, 2008

Posted: Keep Out of Washington

This is not a political blog.  It's only supposed to be a gamey philosophical one.  You know, for fun and to perk up the reader's intellectual curiosity about arcane and esoteric topics that may make our collective lives a bit richer and perhaps help us all focus on the long haul.  But really.  I mean.  Sorry, but ......... why exactly is it that both presidential nominees have been asked, encouraged, and just plain told to KEEP OUT OF WASHINGTON DURING THE FINANCIAL CRISIS.  Cheez . . .

I almost missed this point, what with all the carefully developed clear and open explanations of the causes and fixes for the current economic crisis clogging up the television airwaves and internet lines, but it's there: the Washington paid politicians don't want the Presidential Nominees (of either party) in Washington while the real work of the people is in progress.

Now, why is that?  Isn't the real work of Washington relevant to the national election process?  I guess not.  Neither candidate bothered to actually answer Jim Lehrer's question about the financial crisis facing the nation.  I suspect they actually agreed to this ahead of time.  It will be much safer making talking points about it after the fix is in.  And clearly nobody in Washington wants them speaking up about the details of the crisis or the details of the possible fixes.  "It just makes things harder for them to be here," to paraphrase the various statements being made.  Why is that?  Aren't both of these guys actually United States Senators?

Oh, I know.  If they are around, the United States Public might actually hear too much about the people's business and how it gets conducted.  So ... back to the show ... Make-up!!

* * *
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