September 13, 2008

Storms in Twos

Seems like hurricanes now hit the Gulf in pairs.  Katrina and Rita, Gustav and Ike.

Of course, there's no magic in the number 2, or any other number.

Remember Alicia (1983), Allen (1980), Celia (1970), Beulah (1967), Carla (1961), the great Galveston granddaddy storm (1900, killing maybe 8,000), and those are just some of the Texas ones. 

Remember Andrew (Fla, then La, 1992), Hugo (SC, 1989), Camille (La, Ms, 1969), to name just a few more.

So what's it all about, Alfie?  Well, mother nature is real.

And humans are part of that.

We just have to remember to save the children. 


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