November 27, 2012




November 24, 2012

No. 1

No. 1
6 stops inside the 2
Notre Dame 22
   USC 13
No. 1

Howling for you

- University of Notre Dame
- University is Southern California
- photograph from


November 21, 2012

Eastern Thoughts and Vegas Bull Riders

It doesn't always make sense at first.



- pictures courtesy
c emerson (Oct 2012)
- post dedicated to families and single social units everywhere
- no turkeys were harmed in making this blogpost
- happy t-day, or as a Brahmin friend of mine might say:

टी खुश दिन

November 17, 2012

When You're Hot, You're Hot

Hmmm .... a Notre Dame grad
just might be thinking
about old Jerry Reed
and what he'd been drinking

When he and Homer Jones
and Big John Talley
had that crap game goin'
back in the alley.

He kept rollin' them sevens,
and elevens
and winnin' them pots.
My luck, he said, is so good
I can do no wrong ...
He just kept on rollin'
and controllin'
all them bones.

Hmmm .... he thought
Alabama downed by A&M
24 - 29
KSU downed by Baylor
24 - 52
Oregon downed by Stanford
14 - 17, in overtime no less

So all their fans
just threw up their hands
and looked at that Notre Dame grad
and said, "When you hot, you hot"

And he looked back and said,


-When You're Hot, You're Hot, by Jerry Reed (1971)

November 13, 2012

I Like My Sugar Sweet

Posted by c emerson's Alter Ego:

Hear me now?  I tell ya, a cat's meow will follow a cow's moo; you know I can recite them all; if ya just tell me where it hurts you, honey, I'll tell you who to call. 

Well, I'm just like all the rest, I like my sugar sweet.          But did you ever feel already buried deep, you know like six feet under the screams, where nobody ever hears a thing?

Come on, now, just let your colors burst, just make 'em go oh, oh, oh.

Well, Mr. Jinx and Miss Lucy, they jumped in the lake. I'm not that eager to make that same mistake. Everyone tells me people are crazy and times are strange. So I'll stay locked in tight, just out of range. I used to care a whole lot more, but things have changed.

Yah, but my Mama told me when I was young, we were all born superstars. Yah, she told me that as she rolled my hair and put my lipstick on in the glass of her boudoir. 

No no no - in the pitch dark I can't just go walkin' in your landscape. Broken branches trip me when you speak. No no don't reach out. Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there.

No one cares, com'n, that boom boom boom, it's whipping my hair. To hell with the stares. The sweat is now dripping all over my face; and I'm the only one dancin' all over this place.

I'm in pieces, baby fix me. Just shake me 'til you wake me from this bad dream. I'm like baby, baby, baby no.

Com'n, Baby, let me put the fever on you, get you boilin' past one hundred and two. Uh-uhh. Ooh.  Fever!  Fever in the morning, fever all through the night.                                  Fever!

Okay, I got the fever. Yah, I got the fever off a man I knew. I feel it comin' on - comin' on - I know - I know - I know.  

Swear, I just heard that song on the radio.

Okay, okay, so where is he, I mean Quinn the Eskimo?  We all want to run to him.

------  ------
It's all in the music.
------  ------

   (you can search by song titles or artist names, including the number of views, at YouTube here)
- Mighty Quinn, Bob Dylan - 35,675 views
- Firework, Katy Perry - 334,032,835 views (yes, 334 million+ views)
- Things Have Changed, Bob Dylan - 3,612,733 views
- Born This Way, Lady Gaga - 101,727,384 views (yes, 101 million+ views)
- There There, Radiohead - 1,796,101 views (combined 3,890,000)
- Me Against the Music, Britney Spears - 1,550,980 views (combined 3,150,000)
- Baby, Justin Bieber - 799,177,129 views (yes, approaching 800 million+ views)
- Fever, Beyonce Knowles - 3,557,321 views
- Fever, Little Willie John - 244,890 views (combined 382,700) (lyrics by Eddie Cooley, Otis Blackwell)(1956)
- Fever, Peggy Lee - 7,620,411 views (combined 10,857,145)
- (I Got) The Fever, Oasis - 49,725 views (combined 112,600)
- Mighty Quinn, Bob Dylan - (yes, twice)

- this article dedicated to r.g.e. (himself a mighty quinn) and to other young filmmakers, directors, producers, scriptwriters, lyricists, musicians, crews in Orange, California, and all creative talent everywhere

- this article also dedicated to all those who support all those who are those with all that creative talent, and their crews

November 7, 2012

Congratulations and Respect

I guess we can afford the
same guy ... four more years.

     So what is next,
          some kind of a cliff ?

     ... or just more gridlock ...

     Forward ?

November 3, 2012

Twisted Sister

Posted by c emerson's Alter Ego:

When I hear music, well it makes me wanna' dance.  Cynthie get up and dance to the music. Bobbie all we need is a drummer, but I'll add a little guitar to make it easy to move your feet. And some bottom so the dancers just won't hide. Disco and all; feelin' the city, not just some flower on the wall.

Then the beat picks up, and yeah I wanna' rock. No, no, no, no, NO. I wanna' rock.  So Jack o' Hearts, what are you, anyway, some kind of man of the mountains, some manipulator of crowds? Just a dream twister. But I see you got blood on your face. Waving your banner all over the place. But we will we will Rock you.

Here's to state bar and the old soap bar, down in Deep Ellum, Dallas. Sorry the cowboy burned down. You can bet they'll fix it soon. And here's also to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island.  So ... Perk, how 'bout saving the last dance for me?

- When I Hear Music, Debbie Deb (1984)
   (you can search by song title at YouTube here)
- Dance to the Music, Sly & the Family Stone (1968)
- Stayin' Alive, Bee Gees (1977)
- Flowers on the Wall, The Statler Brothers (1965)
- I Wanna Rock, Twisted Sister (1984)
-Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, Bob Dylan (1974)
- Jokerman, Bob Dylan (1983)
- We Will Rock You, Brian May and Queen (1977)
- Save the Last Dance For Me, The Drifters (1960)
- Deep Ellum, Dallas (and some special memories)
- friends in Austin, Bastrop, Phoenix, Dallas and Elkhart who know how to hear the music
- Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, settings for "Saturday Night Fever" (1977); an area I toured by motorcar (1969) and hiked (1993)
- Big Tex (1952-2012; 2nd life 2013- ), Texas State Fair Grounds, Dallas (Navy 20 Rice 7, 1958) (Rice 28 Alabama 6, 1954)
- Deep Ellum, Dallas (yes that's right twice)