November 17, 2012

When You're Hot, You're Hot

Hmmm .... a Notre Dame grad
just might be thinking
about old Jerry Reed
and what he'd been drinking

When he and Homer Jones
and Big John Talley
had that crap game goin'
back in the alley.

He kept rollin' them sevens,
and elevens
and winnin' them pots.
My luck, he said, is so good
I can do no wrong ...
He just kept on rollin'
and controllin'
all them bones.

Hmmm .... he thought
Alabama downed by A&M
24 - 29
KSU downed by Baylor
24 - 52
Oregon downed by Stanford
14 - 17, in overtime no less

So all their fans
just threw up their hands
and looked at that Notre Dame grad
and said, "When you hot, you hot"

And he looked back and said,


-When You're Hot, You're Hot, by Jerry Reed (1971)


  1. My current problem is, in the realm of football, I detest Domers.

  2. Ah .. but two Texas teams helped make this happen! Yay to Texas football !!

  3. Whoop whoop whoop


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