November 21, 2012

Eastern Thoughts and Vegas Bull Riders

It doesn't always make sense at first.



- pictures courtesy
c emerson (Oct 2012)
- post dedicated to families and single social units everywhere
- no turkeys were harmed in making this blogpost
- happy t-day, or as a Brahmin friend of mine might say:

टी खुश दिन


  1. brad, north countryNovember 21, 2012

    It makes perfect sense to me. I've got a doctor who wants to see you on Monday.

  2. Jour heureux 'T'.

  3. mmmmmm mah sweet
    how do say that in canadian?

  4. Ouch. Encanta el rodeo

  5. a traveler with his elephant...
    comes across a bull...
    he has to decide either fight or peace...
    regardless, the bull wins.


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