August 6, 2008

Wolf Pack Dream

All Hail!

Come listen now to Elunei Doninel, night elf, reading from an aging text.

A human, she reads, is standing at the edge of a clearing.  It is dusk.  The cold night air creates a fine mist which dances on the tops of the grasses.  A lone wolf enters from the back right side of the clearing, heading generally towards the black left side.  The human watches the wolf move across the clearing.  Half way across, the wolf stops and directs its attention towards the human . .


The wolf gazes quietly at the human for a few moments, and then continues on her way.

Elunei asks you to count the number of relationships you see in what she has read.

What say ye?

Public Pronouncement, Anno 043
Fromen Dirksil, Town Recorder

     * * *

Credits -
     Photograph:  th_wolf  by BlackRoseMii, Photobucket
     Quoted text: Thought Experiment #4, by c emerson (1994)



  1. I count 7 relationships, though that would include the one with the author and myself, the reader. As you can guess from my username, I am partial to wolves.


  2. I count 6 "relators": Author of story, Elunei who is reading in the story, human in story, wolf in story, mist interacting with grasses in story, reader audience.

    MANY Relationships:
    Elunei with audience and story
    Human with environment
    Human with wolf
    Wolf with her environment
    Wolf with human
    Mist with grasses
    Reader audience with all above
    Author with story
    Author with audience

  3. Bravo! Luv'n it. More! Add to the list, anyone?


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