August 16, 2008

Clarity of the Question

Ok, I'm winging it a little.  I wanted to research each posting very carefully, but it's Saturday, August 16, my life companion and I have a movie to see shortly, and I'm excited about that.  Ain't Life Great.  So no time for research.  Right off the top of my head.  Zowee!

I'm one of those who thinks we should think clearly.  Whamo!  Who doesn't agree with that!  Emerson, pick up your room.  Emerson, organize your thoughts.  Sort of the same thing really. 

A little like getting your head out of the gutter.  Well, maybe not quite the same thing.  Or is it your mind that's . . .  Anyway, thought 1, thought 2, thought 3.  But even further I'm one of those who believes half the battle is finding the right question and then stating the question clearly.

Take religion and evolution, for example.  You know, to pick something not too complicated, or controversial.  If we're going to tackle a subject like that one day, we're going to have find the right questions and state them clearly.  I hope we do.  I think we can.  But we'll need a little groundwork.  Should we go that way, or steer clear?  Anybody?



  1. Your not really going to talk religion and evolution on this silly blog? Made as well talk abortion and greed.

  2. Yea, Brad, I think we will. But not yet.


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