July 14, 2008

World of, World of Warcraft?

It’s about time. For those who are bored with playing World of Warcraft online with 9,000,000 other players, who no longer feel the adrenaline start to pump as they slip into one of their online avatars representing a virtual persona created from one of eight playable races and nine playable classes, it is now possible for them to slip into an online avatar representing a virtual person sitting at a virtual desk playing the virtual game of World of Warcraft.

This, according to the Onion News Network  in a video story entitled Warcraft Sequel Lets You Play a Character Playing Warcraft released recently on YouTube. Ah, the old reflection in a mirror of a person reflected in a mirror.

Now if YouTube can only survive the billion $ lawsuit Viacom filed against it last year, claiming copyright infringement of more than 160,000 television clips uploaded to YouTube. Ain’t life grand?

Say, could anyone just go outside and paint a real picture? You know, like claude@Mo.Net used to do.

1 comment:

  1. um. I don't go outside and paint enough -- mostly I don't paint enough. But I'm still trying:



    I don't play World of Warcraft, either -- I'm too light-hearted to illustrate WoW as well -- but I do play (too rarely) Dungeons & Dragons, Changeling, and soon (I think) Shadowrun.


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