July 3, 2008


A good friend of mine told me to say little about myself. And much about others.

The Census Bureau's World Population Clock projects that there will be a little over 6.7 billion 'others' on July 4, 2008. That's a good thing. We need a lot of friends to make our future brighter.

I'm a little tongue in cheek here, because there were a whole lot less of us 27 years ago, and there will be a whole lot more of us 27 years from now. But I want to set a positive pose. Our future will be bright.

RandomWalk refers to random acts. Much like playing a game of cards. Or picking names out of a hat at a white elephant party. I believe this type of randomness has something to do with life. This blog will explore ideas related to randomness, as well as ideas related to causation and values, as we all face a complex common future.

Please chime in.


  1. I'm one of the 'others.' What's your point?

  2. Thnx. I've now included "causation and values" in the next to last sentence to more clearly point to future topics.

  3. My first association with the term "Random Walk" is from a Robert Heinlein novel... wasn't Stranger in a Stranger Land nor The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Wonder which one it was...

  4. Don't know. I did find this entry in a blog: "predation, round 2 - Bug cat and Probable Fox had another growlfest tonight. Something's hungry for my white beast of doom …" And I found a different blogger who quotes a Robert Heinlein character in Starship Trooper as saying: "What is 'moral sense'? It is an elaboration of the instinct to survive. But the instinct to survive ... can be cultivated into motivations more subtle and much more complex than the blind, brute urge of the individual to stay alive."


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