July 25, 2008

Decision Tree of Life

Come to me now and listen, for it is said throughout Ravennoek great tidings are upon the land and under the sea.

You are given that peculiar gift, life, and an even rarer gift, self-awareness.

I have combined these with capacities to think, to plan, to love and to hate.  You may create.  You may destroy. 

What shall you do?

It's a simple question with a not so simple answer.

                                                                      But you must start your answer the very day you are born, as ill-equipped as you may be on that day.

You may not shirk this duty even as you age, as limited in time as your days may become. 

Yes, you must build, produce, follow, grow, squander, elevate, nurture and ultimately discover your own, personal, unique
decision tree of life.

                  There are no exceptions.

                                        There's no turning back.

                                                              But you can start over again,

at anytime.

Proclamation, Anno 043
Horatio Sandoval, Grand Duke of Ravennoek


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