December 9, 2008

Trash-Out II

By guest author, Anonymous:

Let's see how we are doing:  Democratic Governor Blagojevich of Illinois was arrested today for trying to sell President-Elect Obama's Senate seat; Congress and the White House have apparently decided to loan taxpayer money to GM and Chrysler even though 60% of the American public opposes the bailout; 500,000 more Americans lost their jobs in November; Paulson switched directions in November on how to spend the $700 billion Congress rushed into his hands in October; additional taxpayer money has been given to restructure the AIG bailout; suprisingly (or not suprisingly) few Republicans and virtually no Democrats have steadfastly opposed all this government money being used to "save" the free enterprise system; convicted Republican Senator Ted Stevens decided to run for re-election and he nearly won; the mayors of Philadelphia, Atlanta and Phoenix are requesting federal bailouts; and not to be outdone, the mayors of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York have all lined up with their requests for federal handouts.  Long time Democratic Senator Dodd called for GM CEO Wagoner to move on in exchange for the auto industry bailout.   Wagoner has been with GM since 1977.   Dodd has been in Congress since 1974.   As far as I can tell, not one member of Congress, Democrat or Republican, has voluntarily resigned since the debacle of 2008 began.  Isn't there an old teaching story about people who live in glass houses?

Is it possible that the United States of America is facing, not just an economic recession, but also a recession in leadership?             

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