October 15, 2008

Mind Numbing Exhaustion

Do you know what I mean?  Mind numbing exhaustion.  The mind goes dark.  The body cannot move.  Or only barely move.  You lie still, usually face down or sideways, in a tucked or half-tucked position.  It's hard to remove your face from the pillow or the crevice in the couch.  Pajamas or fully dressed, it does not matter.  It's a terrible feeling.  A black as night feeling, even in broad daylight.  What can I say.  You've felt it, too.  Or maybe not.

Another $250 billion committed today by the U.S. Treasury.  Not part of the $700 billion package that Congress almost chose not to spend.  This money was barely reported on.  Used to purchase preferred stock in our biggest banks, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CitiBank.  With smaller amounts spread among many of the other banks on the list of 110 unstable banks.  The Dow down another 733 points.  I said it before.  Cheez…  Election over, I suspect.  Sarah Palin or no Sarah Palin.  It's not Tina Fey's fault.

I'll pursue more positive images.  Sometime later.  When I can get my head out of the pillow.  After this third presidential debate.  Which is starting as we speak.  Of course, the sun also rises.  I think Hemingway said that.  In 1926.  Or was it Ecclesiastes, the Speaker?  And the two topics, mind numbing exhaustion and presidential politics, are not necessarily related.

 * * *

Credits -

      The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway, 1926.
      Ecclesiastes 1:5, circa 250 b.c.


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