March 3, 2013

Is Space = God?

Over on Robert Oerter's blog (remember my God is Possible series a few months back?), the professor has continued his posts about the possible scientific Fine Tuning of the universe. The idea is that certain physical parameters are both highly improbable and extremely critical for the emergence of life in this universe.

I have supplied various comments on that subject on the professor's blog, since it relates to the possibility of God's existence.

The following thought occurred to me: If space is something that can expand, then space is a "thing" with describable properties. If so, then this changes the question about Fine Tuning of parameters to a question about what space itself is. It also raises the interesting question of what space is "in"?  In Aristotelian terms, this would put space back into the category of having (or being) substance, and as such, space itself could be the ground of all being. This we are accustomed to calling "God", to put this into a form that St. Thomas Aquinas might have used.

A thought worth thinking about, I think, in commemoration of my grandmother, who was born this same day, in 1897, in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.

This is also a thought I will want to explore further on my new blog, Ideas are Physical, but feel free to comment on this here.



  1. I think of space as endless just as I do life is eternal. As to whether life has always existed, no one can answer that with certainty because we have no idea if there is life out there in space in ours or any other form...or whether we have always existed in some form or only for one lifetime on this planet.

    Who the masses think of as God on earth..."IT" was the spark that created us this human life. What makes me wonder is why the idea of "IT" has caused so much hell on earth disagreeing on what "IT" had in an "Almighty" mind when it created humanity. That's about as rational as I can think on the subject of God and apace.

  2. The last three words would be "God and space."

  3. Now I know you are ready for a van down by the river. I actually like it. Sounds like something I might have said. Is it Kantian? How about Kierkegaardian?

  4. I tend to think of space as a mobius strip. It gives the illusion of expansion but is "expanding" into itself.

    I believe (casually, without rigorous proof) defined in this way space itself may satisfy the requirements of Aristotle for First Mover.



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