March 30, 2013

Death Valley ... a place to stop, look and listen

Death Valley Nat'l Park:  a place to stop, look and listen.

Especially nice on a Harley at 70 mph.

Or on foot ... as the sun is falling


Now to find a quiet place to read.

Some place more elevated, say 4500 feet, but not at Telescope's rocking 11,331 feet. Snow in Death Valley in late March? Absolutely. 91 degrees on the floor; 40 degrees at 5 am where I'm camping.


The flora seem not to mind. Barrel cacti and saltbrush alike.

Heading home for the night.


I love shadows and windscreens.


See you on the road one day.



- photos courtesy c emerson (March 2013)
- Death Valley Nat'l Park
- Furnace Creek, California (91 degrees)
- Wild Rose Canyon (60 degrees)
- Telescope Peak (35 degrees)
- Mt. Charleston, NV (through the windscreen)
- A warm shower and soft bed (gorgeous)

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the great descriptions - I felt like I was there enjoying the cool dry air. Mary Smith

  2. Thanks, M, it was a perfect time to be out on desolation row. I chose to exclude the Valley floor pics (salt flats, dunes, borax sites, sandy canyons) and focus on the full of life upper reaches. Still too early for much wildlife (kangaroo rats, hawks, ravens, jack rabbits, lizards, spiders, moths and plenty of evidence of big horn sheep I did see, but no desert tortises, scorpions or Mojave Green rattle snakes). Cheers.

  3. Dude. No Greens? I predict you will never see one. But if you do, stand three foot clear. 2nd that cheers.


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